PArts Warranties

Our rubber tire chains are built with high quality steel chains and fasteners and reinforced rubber bars over the tires. We take great care in ensuring that your product is well-made and will perform properly for you under normal wear and tear.

We guarantee our product parts for one year under normal wear and tear. If a part of your chain should come apart or malfunction, please call the manufacturer (J Esh Manufacturing) at (717) 786-6063 or use the contact page to send us an email.

Under normal wear and tear, your chains should last around five years, although they frequently last much longer than that. When your rubber bars begin to wear down, you can see how to order parts here. Replacement parts are much cheaper than purchasing a new set of chains outright.

Size Warranties

The actual size of tires can vary from brand to brand even within the same tire size. For that reason, there are times when our chains may not properly fit your specific tire. If you can barely get the chain latch onto the first link, your chain is too small. If the rubber bars overlap, your chain is too large.

If there is a size issue, we will always try other methods to fix the problem before allowing you to return the chains for an exchange:

  1. If the chain is too large: You can usually easily fix this problem by cutting off several links and/or removing a rubber bar.
  2. If the chain is too small: We will try to fix the problem by sending you an extension, which will include several links as well as an extra bar if necessary. The extension will come with connecting links so it can easily be fastened on to the existing chain. This arrangement will not compromise the integrity or performance of the chain in any way.

Remember: at no time should any of the metal bolts or brackets be close enough to the tread of the tire that they touch the ground. If any of the metal touches the ground, it will scratch your driveway and defeat the purpose of having these chains in the first place. If the metal can touch the ground, your chains are too small.

As always, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions