Buy Tires does not directly sell conventional steel chains or tires. We are proud to team up with Ken Jones Tires to provide you with your steel chain and tire needs.

Ken Jones Tires is a very reputable family-owned tire sales business that was started in 1938. They have great service and expert advice on everything from tires to tire chains to tubes, accessories, and more.

To visit Ken Jones Tires, click on the link below. Please be aware that you will leave this site; however, the page will remain open so you can easily return should you desire to do so.

Why Use
SoftClaw Rubber tire Chains?


In this day and age we're all concerned about our personal rights, and you my friend certainly have the right to use whatever tire chain you like. Bear in mind; however, that there's a good chance that steel chains will mark up (or maybe even "rip up") that pretty new driveway sealer you spent so much money on last summer.

Sure, you can try to patch up the marks next spring, but a much better solution would be to use rubber tire chains instead. The rubber bars will not mess up your driveway surface, no matter how hard you try, and they really do a very nice job of creating the traction you need to push that blade around with your tractor.

Why Purchase From Us?

All parts manufactured in the USA

Custom sizes available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

1-year warranty on parts

Family-owned business

High quality rubber & metal