Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our product 100%, and we believe that you will fall in love with these chains once you have a chance to see them up close, touch them, install them, and use them. For that reason, we want to make it as easy and economical as possible for you to get your hands on a set of our chains, even if all you do is look at them and analyse them up close.

We realize you may be skeptical about our product and that you would be much more apt to buy these chains if you could look them over carefully and give them a try in real conditions. We realize that pictures and videos online don't do a very good job of allowing you to be comfortable with making an investment like this.

Because of this, we are making the following offers:

If the chain has structural issues or doesn't fit properly: See our warranty page for issues regarding the chains themselves.

If you receive the chains but decide, after examining them, that you don't like them: You may return the chains for a full refund. Bear in mind that all shipping will be your expense.

If you install the chains and drive on them, then decide that they do not perform as well as you would like them to: You may return the chains for a refund of 75% of the purchase price. All shipping will be your expense.

All returns must be received within 60 days from the day you received the chains.

Please see our shipping and returns page for instructions on returning your chains.

It's time you had rubber tire chains that don't damage your driveway!