It's important that your tire chains fit tight. However, the physical size of tires can vary slightly from one to another - even if they're the same size - due to differences in tread, wear, brand, etc.  For this reason it is difficult to size our chains perfectly for each tire.

If your chains don't fit properly, please contact us before returning them as we can usually resolve the issue quickly and easily. Use the Contact Us page or call 717-983-0123.

If your chains are too small:

We will send you an extension that you can easily add to your chains.  The extension will have at least one rubber strap (more if necessary) and will not require any tools to install, nor will it diminish the strength or performance of the chains.

If your chains are too large:

It's easier to downsize the chains than add an extension. You can easily downsize our chains by following these simple steps. DOING THIS WILL NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY OR CHANGE OUR GUARANTEE. You will still be eligible for our warranty and return policies.

  • 1

    Determine about how many rubber straps you will need to remove. This can be done by wrapping the chain tightly around the tire and count how many straps overlap after it is tight.

  • 2

    Lay the chains out on the floor and determine which end will have bars removed from it. You will want to remove the bars from the end opposite of the hooks and latches.

  • 3

    Using a wrench or pliers, remove the nut from the bolt at the end of the rubber strap.

  • 4

    Remove the bolt and pull the rubber strap out of the clip. Repeat on the opposite side of the strap.

  • 5

    You will end up with extra straps and parts. Keep these as spares.

  • 6

    Follow the installation instructions again to re-install your SoftClaw Rubber Tire Chains. You will end up with some extra chain. Tie the chain with a zip tie or cut it off so it doesn't flop around and damage your driveway.