Custom Tire Size


Set of 2 chains, fits your custom size tires. Enter total height of the tire and width of the tire in inches for a price on a set of chains for your custom size. Custom sizes are non-returnable; all sales are final!

Make sure you have at least 1″ of clearance around your tires.

Product photo shows the default 4-link spacing. 3-link spacing adds more rubber bars around the tires for additional grip.




Set of 2 chains, fits your custom size tires. Get the traction you need in snow, mud, and other slippery conditions without scratching your driveway.

If you cannot find your tire size on our website, you can calculate a quote for chains for your tires. Enter the total height of the tire (not the rim) and the width of the tire, both in inches. Use the widest points for both of these. It is better to have the chain slightly too large than too small.

Custom sizes are non-returnable. All sales are final!