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How do Rubber Tire Chains Work?

First, a few things to remember about rubber snow chains:

  1. We do not promise or guarantee that the rubber tire chains will work better than conventional steel chains. Some customers have found that the rubber tire chains enabled them to go places they couldn't go with steel chains, but the primary advantage of rubber chains is that you can happily plow your driveway (or walkway) without worrying about scratches. There will certainly be times when steel chains work better.
  2. Rubber tire chains are designed primarily for use on turf tires. They do; however, work on ag-style tires and have been used effectively on them.

Adding rubber bars to your tires does essentially the same thing as swapping your turf tires for lug tires. The rubber bar on the tire essentially acts as a "paddle" that digs into the snow and helps keep the vehicle moving forward. You can go here to see how tire chains work.

Over the years, we've manufactured thousands of chains and have never had someone complain that they didn't work as well as their steel chains. We are confident that our product speaks for itself. We'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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