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Jim - Harrisburg, PA
"I stopped by Valley Ag on Paxton the day before our first big snow and purchased a set for my tractor...with the understanding I could return them if I found my turf tires were sufficient. Well the turf tires were completely I inched my tractor back into the garage and installed your rubber chains. I certainly will not be taking them back to Valley Ag - they work great! I will be sure to pass the word as it's nice to find a product that works as well as advertised.
I'm attaching a PDF with some pics I shot during the installation process.
The heavy ZIP ties I happened to have on hand, while not absolutely necessary, did help a good bit.
Thanks again!"

Steve - Lititz, PA
"These chains are a great alternative to try if you're concerned about damaging your driveway while pushing snow."

Edward - Milwaukee, WI
"I put these chains on my tractor last week and have just been waiting for snow to try them out. In WI we have about 3-5 inches on the ground now tonight. I would just like to tell you how wonderfully impressed I am with these! They work so well I was able to take 50 pounds off the back of my tractor and still was able to push anything I put in front of it! This was the first snow storm I was able to use my tractor on my drive due to the slope, thank you so very much."

Chris - Lancaster, PA
"I have a set for my JD 425 with the 2 stage snowblower. I don't use them for my driveway which is flat but one time I went to help my neighbor across the street and and couldn't do a thing with his steep bending driveway. When I put the rubber chains on they made it happen. I'd say they are great if you need them."

Micah - New Gloucester, ME
"On February 26, 2009 (see blog: Horse Ride in the Snow), we received over 18 inches of heavy, heavy wet snow and the rubber tire chains simply did not give me the traction I needed. I could barley get out of the garage. The combination of the compact wet snow and the rubber just did not work. So, I put the steel chains back on and scratched the heck out of my driveway, but I was able to remove the snow."

"I used the rubber chains all winter up until that storm with no problems at all. It was the wet conditions that made this experience different. We had received over 18 inches of fluffy snow prior to that storm, and the rubber chains handled those conditions perfectly. It seems that the rubber chains would ride up on top of the wet compact snow and would not get any traction, compared to the steel chains biting through the mess. My driveway looked like a battle scene after that storm, but I had no other choice."

"I am putting the rubber chains back on this weekend and will use them as long as they do the job. I may have to snow blow twice to get ahead of the big wet storms for the chains to work correctly. Probably easier to go out after 8 or 9 inches and then go back out another time to get the other 8 or 9 inches. All in all, I love these rubber tire chains, I just have to plan better this season."

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