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Tire Size

If you can't find your size listed on our site, you can always order a custom size or consider the following:

  1. If your tire size has three numbers, the last number is the rim diameter. If you find a size that matches except for the last number, you can order that size since the chain is based on the overall size of the tire and a different-sized rim will have little affect on it. For example, if you have a tire sized 23x9.50-10, you could order a set of chains for size 23x9.50-12.
  2. Our chains are easy to downsize. You can simply remove extra rubber bars with a wrench and use them as spares. If you can't find your size, you can always go to the next size up and then downsize the chain. Doing this will not void the warranty. Example, if you have a 23x8.00-14, try ordering a 24x8.00-14.

Feel free to call us or contact us if you have any questions.

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